Tape Release 7/29/22

Membership Updates:

Thanks to all the members this week who stepped up and worked a little extra it helped avoid mandatory Overtime on any day this week.  The Company seemed to do a better job of listening to you by offering 7am starts and this upcoming Sunday is an all call which the Company is going to assign fiber orders, pending PSC tickets as well as tickets that are backlogged.

The Company is going to go back to Business as Usual in regard to dispatching, so inner city tickets will be dispatched again after 6pm.  Ultimately you have to take the initiative and trust your instincts if a location or situation doesn’t look or feel right and maybe dangerous.  The most important thing is you go home every night.  You always have the right to turn the ticket back and get another one or ask for assistance if you need it.

For those that weren’t aware, the Members on July 20th approved the sale of the Union Hall which we hope to close by the end of August.  If you come across any buildings in your travels that look like it would be a good location and fit for a new place of business call it in,

I’ll be on vacation all of next week and your other officers will be available to address your needs, Please contact your Vice President Rich Winter, Secretary Diane Papas, or Treasurer Sue Phillips for assistance.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape.

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