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  • Tape Release 5/26/23

    Tape Release Friday May 26th, 2023 First I’d like to recognize all the Veterans and military personnel serving our great nation with the Upcoming…

    May 26, 2023  |  More

    Tape Release 5/23/23

    Tape Release 5/23/23

    Tape Release Tuesday May 23rd, 2023 Frontier Membership updates: Today your Union officers and CWA Staff Rep were advised of the following force reductions…

    May 23, 2023  |  More

    Tape Release #2  5/22/23

    Tape Release #2 5/22/23

    Membership update #2  Monday, May 22nd, 2023   Frontier’s CEO released an announcement today after I had already updated the tape concerning a force reduction…

    May 22, 2023  |  More

    Tape Release 5/22/23

    Tape Release 5/22/23

    Tape Release Monday May 22nd, 2023 Frontier Membership and Retiree updates: The following is a list of items that we’ve been working on.  Frontier…

    May 22, 2023  |  More

    Tape Release 5/1/23

    Tape Release 5/1/23

    Tape Release Monday, May 1st, 2023 Today is a Holiday across the world for workers to commemorate our struggles and gains.  Here in the…

    May 2, 2023  |  More

    Tape Release 4/24/23

    Last year Nurses at Rochester General said yes to forming a Union. Since that time Rochester General has spent 1.3 million dollars on attorneys…

    April 24, 2023  |  More

    Tape Release 4/20/23

    I’m saddened to announce the passing of retiree Charlie Faggiano.  Charlie retired in May of 1996 with 38 years of service to Rochester Telephone…

    April 20, 2023  |  More

    In Memoriam 2023

    In Memory of the following CWA Local 1170 Members and Retirees who have passed away to date in 2023:   12/27/2022  Curtis Walker  3/30/2023 …

    April 19, 2023  |  More

    2023 United Way Raffle Winners

    Thank you to everyone who donated to this year’s United Way Campaign! Please pick your gift card up at the new union hall or…

    April 13, 2023  |  More

    Tape Release 4/12/23

    Tape Release 4/12/23

    Membership updates: Frontier – As a result of a grievance filed on behalf of our members who work from home, the Company has initiated…

    April 12, 2023  |  More

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