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  • United Way Day of Caring 2022

    CWA Local 1170 United Way Committee Members Participate in the Day of Caring 2022. Thank you for your hard work!!!   (more…)

    May 19, 2022  |  More

    Tape Release 4/29/22

    Tape Release 4/29/22

    Membership updates: Members have until midnight tonight to submit your forms to participate in the severance offering.  I’ve been notified that those who are…

    April 29, 2022  |  More

    United Way Raffle Winners 2022

    If you are a winner, please stop by the hall to pick your gift card up or call to have it mailed if needed….

    April 28, 2022  |  More

    Medicare Part B Information if Previously Deferred

    Filing for Medicare part “B” if you deferred at age 65 If you have deferred Medicare Part B due to being covered under a…

    April 27, 2022  |  More

    2022 Frontier Severance Information

    Frontier Members, Attached are the 2022 Retiree Health Care Rates and the most popular Pre-65 Anthem Silver & Post 65 MVP Gold summaries for…

    April 21, 2022  |  More

    Tape Release 4/14/22

    Tape Release 4/14/22

    Membership updates: As of today the Company hasn’t provided the Union with any dates that members will need to commit to the severance by…

    April 14, 2022  |  More

    Tape Release 4/8/22

    Tape Release 4/8/22

    Membership updates: In discussions with the company this week, the Company has identified the 10 positions to poll for in regards to the construction…

    April 8, 2022  |  More

    Tape Release 3/30/22

    Membership Updates: First I’d like to recognize two members who are retiring this week. Network Switch tech Dick Milton retires with 49 years of…

    March 31, 2022  |  More

    In Memoriam 2022

    In Memory of the following CWA Local 1170 Members and Retirees who have passed away to date in 2022: 12/10/21  Septimius DiLauro 12/28/21  Barbara…

    March 28, 2022  |  More

    Tape Release 3/25/22

    Tape Release 3/25/22

    Membership Updates: Last night myself and five of your Union Stewards participated in a CWA District 1 Town Hall Call in regards to a…

    March 25, 2022  |  More

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