Tape Release #2 7/22/22

In a call with management this afternoon it was determined that nobody would be dispatched into the following offices after 6 pm tonight due to the current state of emergency due to gun violence.  Lexington, Merchants, Norton, Genesee St. and Stone st.  If dispatched on a ticket into those neighborhoods after 6pm, please call the supervisor responsible for coverage no matter what your job title is.  Jobs will be dispatched tomorrow, the Union’s advice is to call your supervisor and request a second technician. Trust your instincts, if it doesn’t look right or feel right it’s probably not right.  Just make sure you communicate with your supervisor and dispatch what you’re doing.  Ultimately the best person to know what is safe and what is not is you and nobody will question that judgement.  

We are aware that the Company is mandating overtime, we’re as confused as you how the Company is operating and why service is important on a Saturday but not on a Sunday and again on Monday.  A reminder that no job is so important that it can’t be performed safely.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape.

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