Tape Release 8/17/22

The Union has advised the Company that Monday September 5th will be a Union Activity day in honor of Labor Day.  The Union will be participating in the City of Rochester Annual Labor Day parade and providing discounted Sea Breeze tickets which includes an all day pass for rides and unlimited lunch from 1 to 4pm  for $20 for those that march.  Please call the office to RSVP with the number of tickets.  I shouldn’t have to remind you but I will of the benefits that this Union has provided the members this year in securing a new contract with retroactivity pay, raises, bonuses, quality health care and all the other benefits that the contract provides.  None of it possible without a Union.  So our ask is for you to give up a couple of hours and march with us on Labor Day along with the other Labor Unions in this community.  Time and Location to be determined,
Other items:
Notifications have been sent out for this year’s clambake, which is to take place on Sunday, September 25th. We’ve had great weather over the last couple of years, another great event sponsored by your Union.  Please call the Union Hall to get your tickets.
In other work related items, your stewards have been busy filing grievances on mandatory overtime, high visibility clothing, and bargaining unit work as well as dealing with the Company on back grievances.  Any settlements take a tremendous amount of work.
This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape and we are CWA Strong.

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