Membership Updates:
Late yesterday afternoon the Local negotiated a work from home agreement with Frontier for all inside personnel.  The Company is in the process of releasing employees to work from home.  I ask everyone to be patient as everyone will get the opportunity.  If there are any questions or concerns please contact your steward or executive board representative.
The Company has polled and implemented the motor vehicle usage policy in the contract.  Around half of the outside forces have volunteered for this program.  Please be where you’re supposed to be.  There are tens of thousands of people furloughed at the time with no pay, who have nothing better to do than be nosy.  Do the right thing!
We’ve had numerous calls with the Company and within the CWA Local Family about Safety.  We understand the main concerns which include:
Entering customer homes
Lack of PPE including

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • N95 Masks
  • Plastic gloves

The bottom line is to assess your work environment.  If you feel unsafe notify your supervisor and request another assignment.
The Governor issued another executive order today that 100% of non essential businesses are to close and send their employees home.  Frontier is considered a utility and telecommunications is considered an essential service where by you are required to work.  We are working with the Company and will try to accommodate anyone who can work from home and  continue to promote your safety.
We have asked the Company to audit every employee for PPE including:
Masks, hand sanitizer and vinyl gloves.  If you do not hear from your supervisor by Monday, please take the time to email him or her to make them aware what PPE you’re lacking.
We have asked the Company to work only orders inside that would be considered essential.
We have asked the Company for morning safety meetings, via conference calls to address and redress safety situations and requirements.

In my lifetime we have never experienced the shutdown of Businesses and Executive Orders due to a pandemic outbreak.  Please be patient, we are not alone in addressing this Pandemic.  We are all in this together and please look out for your neighbors who maybe elderly or home from work with no pay. 

The Union hall will be closed until further notice, and we’ll be working from home.  My cell phone number is 585-748-7139 if anyone has an emergency and needs to reach me.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape.  And we are CWA STRONG!

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