Tape Release 4/3/20

Membership Updates:

The local and National Union reps are very concerned about the safety of our members and your families and Frontier’s lack of response to Covid-19 work protocols engaging with our customers and various pay situations.

The Union is providing the following recommendations:
No technician should be entering customers homes or businesses. Please do the following instead:

Pre-screen each customer by calling and asking if anyone is sick prior to going to the job.  
If customer says someone is sick, immediately refer job back to supervisor.

If customer says no one is sick, work job to side of house or Demark point, provide customers with necessary materials to install temporary service.

Provide customer with tech support number and notify supervisor that you provided temporary service.

Advise customer that someone will be back to permanently complete job when National and State Emergency has ended.

If customer does not have a dial tone or 911 service and you believe it is unsafe to enter home or business, contact your supervisor.  Call your Local union officers if the supervisor gives you a directive that you feel is unsafe.

All employees in non customer facing situations, please follow all social distancing guidelines and all recommended sanitizing methods.

Your safety is our priority as we’re in an unprecedented National Emergency.

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your union tape. And we are CWA strong!

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