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  • Tape Release 6/18/24

    Membership Updates:

    The Union will be opening its hall at 4061 W. Henrietta Rd. this Wednesday, June 19th from 5-7pm for all Frontier members who haven’t picked up their 2024 bargaining t-shirts.  The Bargaining Committee will be present as well as executive board and mobilizers to provide updates on bargaining and have open dialogue with all who attend.  We will also have pizza and refreshments available.  Now is the time to get engaged, we have roughly 60 days until the extension on the contract expires.  It is all of our duties to know the issues and participate if we want an acceptable contract.  Please make every effort to attend.

    A heat advisory is in effect for Monroe and the surrounding counties.  The heat index values could be as high as a 104 degrees today.  The NYS DOL has put out the following guidelines.

    • Rest regularly in shaded areas
    • Drink water regularly up to 32 ounces per hour
    • You have a right to a standardized rest break to ward off heat exhaustion and other heat related symptoms to your body
    • Wear light clothing

    This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape and reminding you to work safe, the heat index conditions can hit you quickly and be serious if not regulated properly.

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