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  • Tape Release 7/9/24

    Membership Updates:

    The Union has escalated your concerns to Senior Leadership at Frontier in regard to changes to your paychecks due to the payroll conversion outsourced to UKG and have requested a meeting.  Of concern brought forth to the Union is the Listing of Health Care contribution and other benefits as Income on your paychecks and the inconsistency with Paid Family Leave deductions as well as others.  We are waiting for a response from Frontier and will provide an update once we receive information.  Also, we’ve been advised that the deductions for United Way that you authorized should be withheld from this week’s paychecks.  Please review your paystubs for accuracy this week as I’m not confident that these issues will be corrected.

    Officers from your Union hand billed at the Red Wing game Saturday night about Frontier’s outsourcing of Local work with good feedback from the Public.  We have 40 days until the contract extension expires, your bargaining committee needs your support as bargaining is set to resume on July 18th.  

    If we want a good contract, everyone is going to have to fight for it.  Please wear your shirts on Thursdays.

    This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape, and We are CWA Strong.

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