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  • Andrew Cimino, Vice President

    VP Report August 2017

    New Stewards: None
    Promotions: None
    Demotions: None
    Short Term Disability: 9
    Dismissals: None
    Acting Management: None
    Out of Town: None
    Temps: None
    New Hires: Mary Beth Clear – Desk
    Resignation: Taylor Hendrix – Desk
    Permanent Transfers: None
    Temp Transfers: None

    As we move forward we will continue the efforts to consistently improve mobilization. Look for upcoming Euchre Tournament, Ray Werner Memorial Bowling Tournament, Christmas Gala and more. We have built a solid foundation, now we must take care of it. We have heard very positive things from the membership about improved communication. The 1st annual East vs. West softball game was a blast. Let’s keep it going.

    Labor Day Parade is coming up on Sept. 5th. We need a stronger showing than years past. Please make an effort to attend. If you march in the parade you are eligible for Sea Breeze tickets for $15.00 each. Tickets will be available at the parade.


    No updates as of yet for AT&T Mobility.

    As AT&T grows in our membership, we are seeing quite a few corporate changes specific to how they discipline. With that being said, we are creating a E. Board network through each store with an alternate. AT&T’s disciplines are either manual or automated based on the infraction. For example, attendance automatically generated a coaching. Code of Business Conduct violation is manually written.

    Shawn LeBlanc has taken over the District 1 staff representative position for CWA. Shawn is a welcome and accessible addition to our team. Shawn has taken a very hands-on roll in dealing with AT&T and keeping our Union informed.

    As bargaining approaches for our wireless members, we will need to step up to support them. We in turn, will need their support when we bargain in the future.

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