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    Network Tech Classification Qualifications New June 2016

    Network Technician Classification

    (updated in 2011 negotiations)

    Note: This is not a formal or negotiated description, is not intended to be all inclusive, and may be changed at the Company’s discretion.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Proficient in Computer Skills
    • Able to work overtime, holidays & weekends
    • Carry & handle a 75 lb. ladder on uneven ground
    • Valid NYS Driver’s license, and any other license that may be required by law.
    • Strong verbal & problem solving skills
    • Able to work aloft, as well as in confined spaces
    • Willing to work overtime.
    • Understanding of Basic Electronic principles
    • Understand Basics of T1 & above technology
    • IP knowledge (LAN/WAN design)
    • Understanding of basic OSP design (Copper/Fiber)
    • Read, understand, and operate digital test gear, e.g., T-Berd 107A, Sunrise Electrodata
    • One or more of the following:
      • 2 years of relevant work experience
      • 2 year Technical Degree o Successfully pass AC/DC &/OR technical aptitude test o Introductory CCNA
      • MEF Certification
      • Certification in basic electricity

    General Description of Duties (not intended to be all inclusive)

    • Maintains and repairs network equipment
      • This Includes but is not limited to:
        • Voice over IP equipment and systems
        • MITEL
        • AVAYA
        • TELLABS 3/1 DACS
        • TELLABS 1/0 DACS
        • LUCENT PSAX optical equipment
        • CISCO optical equipment
        • CISCO, ADTRAN, and ACTELIS Ethernet equipment
        • DSL network equipment
        • CALIX standalone equipment
        • FUJITSU optical equipment
        • T1 shelves e.g. CAC, ADTRAN
        • DDM 1000 & 2000 optical
        • NEC 1840 o ADTRAN optical
        • BTI DWDM optical equipment

    Configure and Operate Test Equipment

    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • H.S.I. test equipment (Sunrise, etc)
      • ISDN test equipment
      • DS0 and DS1 test equipment

    Wiring Work

    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Running jumpers o Wire wrap, solder, punch-down blocks etc.

    Preventative Maintenance Work

    • This includes but it is not limited to:
      • Testing batteries o Maintaining battery water levels
      • Documenting performance of back-up generators
      • Performing software backups in equipment
      • Fujitsu data base backups
      • Filter/Fan replacements on various optical equipment
      • Test & verify fiber protect paths for various optical equipment

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