Tape Release 8/14/19

As all members are aware, the Public Service Commission has finally taken an interest in the multiple customer complaints against Frontier in Rochester.  Complaints range from poor service quality, customer mistreats, to unacceptable wait times for field dispatching.

Bob Masters, CWA National Assistant to the Vice President has reached out to the PSC to better understand the PSC recommended improvement plan for Frontier.  Our understanding is that PSC investigators or Frontier management may interview employees to substantiate customer claims.  Any member who is requested for an interview should notify the Hall immediately before giving a statement.

The Union is addressing the temporary transfer issues as they’re brought forth.  A reminder to all members that a minimum of 24 hours’ notice and a written or electronic transfer form is required before a transfer begins.  If no notice is provided, notify your steward and unit chair immediately.  Grievance are being prepared accordingly.

Pay attention: All members, Monday, September 2nd is the Labor Day Parade.  The media will be present prior to the start of the parade.  We are all looking forward to a long weekend, but we want every member we can get wearing red, to show the media and the public that we still are here for the customers.  A popular question has been, “what is the Union doing”.  All of you are the Union.  My question is, “what are you doing”?  It’s a simple choice, wear RED and show up Monday, September 2nd for the media and to march in the Labor Day parade.

On a final note, thank you to all the members who participated in the Tom Luciano Golf Tournament and the Flavin Scholarship Raffle.  Congratulations to the raffle winners:  John Wright, Bob Horning, and Marie Spendlove.

This is your Vice President Andy Cimino thanking you for calling your union tape.

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