Tape Release 6/19/19

Tape Release June 19, 2019

I stated in error on the last tape message that the 2% raise was going into effect on Sunday, June 9th, the correct date is Sunday, June 16th.   I’m happy to report that People are still calling the tape based on the calls that we’ve received this morning.  I apologize for the mistake.

The Company polled for another 3 week out of town assignment beginning June 17th thru July 3rd.  Currently 7 Sales and Service techs are working out of town.  The Company also advised us that they are transferring back those temporarily transferred to Network switch, along with recent transfers into Air Pressure and Cable Splicing.  The chaos continues, we will be discussing the need to take care of our own customers here in Rochester with Local management.

We still have tickets left for July 13th Red Wing game, which is Union Night at Frontier Field.  Please call in as soon as possible to reserve your tickets.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape.  The place where were Union and proud of it.

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