Tape Release 6/22/2021

I have the following update in regards to Frontier’s announcement to employees concerning Work from Home.  As is pertains to our 1170 members, the Company has not given the Labor department any guidance on the matter.  Our members who work from home will continue to be status quo under the current arrangement.  The Company knows it must negotiate any return-to-work conditions with the Union.  

We will be holding a Labor management meeting with the Company next week to discuss vacancies due to recent resignations and retirements and the Company’s intent to fill the vacancies if any.

The Company has started negotiations with the Union in West Virginia, we will be keeping close track to see what proposals will be coming our way.

Also, the Company is looking for volunteers to be scheduled Monday July 5th for Sales and Service techs.  Please contact time reporting by noon on Friday if you’re interested.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape and we are CWA STRONG.

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