Tape Release 5/23/23

Frontier Membership updates:

Today your Union officers and CWA Staff Rep were advised of the following force reductions within the bargaining unit by Frontier.  The Company will be sending severance packages to each employee of the affected job classifications.  If you don’t receive a package by end of business tomorrow, please advise us and will help facilitate getting the information on your behalf.

Four Network techs
Three Communications Clerks and 
Three Communications Coordinators 1’s

We advised them that they must follow the contract, get rid of contractors if any, and will work to enforce the provisions that we’ve bargained for.

We have talked to Executive Board Reps and Stewards of each impacted group and will be available to answer members questions and listen to concerns.

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape and have a safe day everyone.

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