Tape Release #2 5/22/23

Membership update #2 Monday, May 22nd, 2023  

Frontier’s CEO released an announcement today after I had already updated the tape concerning a force reduction of 1,500 employees.  We have contacted our Labor person at Frontier to request the impact on our membership.  We haven’t received a response but will likely hear one very soon.  According to our contract, the Company needs to provide 15 days notice on a force reduction and get rid of all contractors in a job classification before declaring a surplus.  We will keep the membership informed as we receive information.  The Company has many contractors in various classifications right now including Line and Splice, Sales and Service, Buildings, Garage, and engineering and three new hires into Sales and Service just weeks ago.  
As I said as we will keep you informed as we receive information.

In Solidarity,
John Pusloskie

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