Tape Release 4/20/2020

Retiree update:
Retirees, please listen closely, I have received notification from Frontier that there will be no changes to the current retirement benefits that you receive.  This is great news and should put everyone’s mind at ease for the time being.  

You’ll be receiving a letter from the company in the mail this week confirming this.  

Our National President Chris Shelton and Vice President Dennis Trainor are scheduled to meet with Frontier leadership about the current bankruptcy situation and overall business plan moving forward.  We are very interested in the outcome of these talks.  

I have reached out to Frontier’s HR Representative to seek an extension until the end of May on the Work at Home Agreement.  I hope to be able to announce that we have come to terms on this later this week.

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling Your Union tape. And we are CWA STRONG.

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