Tape Release 4/12/23

Membership updates:

Frontier – As a result of a grievance filed on behalf of our members who work from home, the Company has initiated the following payments effective this week.  The Company will be making a monthly stipend of $55 towards your home internet whether you use Frontier service or not.  In your check this week is 6 months of retro stipends equally $330 along with the negotiated $200 one-time allowance for home office furnishings.  We do not know what pay period of each month that the $55 stipend will be paid at this time.  We have sent an email to those members impacted asking you to forward the paystub reflecting payment.

Frontier – The Union has been notified that 5 offers have been made to new hires in the Sales and Service tech title.  Two are supposed to start next Monday and the others soon to follow.

Frontier – We have no update on the Clerical Force Reduction as Byron Geils Sr. Labor Relations director has retired and his replacement has been on vacation, so we have had no communication on the matter.

Frontier – Bonus payouts for actives and last year retirees.  If we have active members who still believe your bonus amount is incorrect, please contact us immediately.  We are aware that Frontier initiated stop payments on retiree payouts.  If you retired last year and have any questions in regard to your bonus, please call in so we can address on your behalf

Frontier – CWA Retirement Plan statements for the first quarter have been posted to your account for your review.  

And lastly, we are up and running at our new office location at 4061 W. Henrietta Rd., please stop in to see the new digs if you’re in the neighborhood.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape and be safe everyone.

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