Tape Release 3/13/23

Membership updates:

Frontier moved forward and paid the annual Bonus last Friday, which was to be a 4.5% payout based on top rate gross annual wages in a job classification.  It seems that almost everyone was underpaid.  At this point we have notified the Company of the issues and have requested a print out of everyones bonuses in order to verify the payments.  We hope to get this addressed quickly on your behalf. Retirees, I’ve received indications that you’ve been paid out incorrectly as well.  For those who retired last year, the bonus was to be prorated based on the number of full months in the year that you worked, it seems like full payouts were administered.  The Company also failed to withhold Union dues which we’ll be addressing as well.

Other issues being addressed this week include the force reduction in clerical, an unfair labor charge in regard to failing to provide information on the contractors, and a memorandum on the installation of GPS units.

In regard to the GPS Memorandum, I’ve reviewed it with the members of the executive board.  Once the agreement has been signed, it’ll be distributed to everyone and explained in further detail.  But the main points are that coaching will be used first in regard to any possible infractions either motor vehicle or work rules and No disciplinary action will be taken against any employee based solely on information obtained from or generated by the GPS tracking.

This Thursday we’re holding a breakfast for all United Way leadership givers. This is a first since Covid hit in 2020.  We’d certainly like to see all those invited show up and have a great breakfast planned.

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape have a safe day everyone.

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