Tape Release 12/13/21

Membership Updates:

Frontier will be sending an email today or tomorrow in regard to their Covid vaccination policy.  We have been notified by our National Bargaining reps of the following:

By January 4th, 2022, all employees of the Company who are represented by Unions, as a condition of employment, provide satisfactory evidence of vaccination against Covid-19 or be approved or pending review for a legally recognized accommodation.

Employees who do not comply with this directive will enter a 30-day education and engagement period.  We do not know as of today what will happen after February 4th, 2022, for those who don’t comply.

As we understand it today, the Company has the right to a policy and it is not a HiPPA violation to provide vaccination information.

We understand that there are some who disagree for various reasons, but this is the information as we know it today.

Bargaining update:

We are scheduled to meet with the Company tomorrow, as of today the Company wants increases in medical cost sharing and wages increases that aren’t acceptable to the Union, along with other items concerning overtime pay treatment, and clerical job security,

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for your solidarity and WE ARE CWA STRONG!

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