Tape Release 12/1/21

Membership updates:

I have the following update as it relates to the Covid Vaccine Mandate.

The issue of Vaccine Mandate is being negotiated by District 1 Representative Gladys Finnegan and Lynn Johnson from District 9 which covers the Western region of the country for CWA.

They have issued the following information to pass along to our members:

They’re continuing to review the information provided by Frontier to determine if their proposed mandate is fully required under law.  Frontier has sent an email to all employees requesting they submit their vaccination status as well confirm it and upload your vaccination card.  This email doesn’t apply to Union members and is not mandatory at this time.  The parties are continuing to meet as needed.  Any further developments will be communicated.

Bargaining also resumed this week, the parties are still apart on wages, benefits and other conditions.  We expect to continue to bargain up to expiration which is this Saturday, unless we’re still too far apart.

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for your solidarity, And We Are CWA STRONG!

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