Membership Updates:

First I’d like to recognize two members who are retiring this week.

Network Switch tech Dick Milton retires with 49 years of service, Dick was a Switch tech working the rural east area.  

Sales and Service tech Bruce Cotton retires with 27 years of service, Bruce was working in Air Pressure at the time of his retirement.

I want to thank both of them for their years of membership to this Union.  Bruce in particular has been an active steward, an executive board member and an active Volunteer helping run the Annual Clambake

On behalf of the Union I Wish them well in retirement and they’ll both be missed.

In other ongoings:

We are still working with the Company to correct hourly rates that were not updated for some, retroactivity that members have questioned and makeup payments on the bonus.  It has become painfully slow to get anything corrected.

Union Reps met with management today to continue to find ways to capitalize on the fiber buildout and getting new customers.  We continue working biweekly as the Company is currently building out in the Lexington and Merchants central office areas.  We expect to have a breakdown on the number of Lineman and Splicing positions soon as well as dates for the weeklong fiber splicing classes.

I’d also like to mention the passing of the following retirees:
David Leonard who was a lineman and retired in 1993
Allan Englebert who was a switchman and retired in 1996
And Mike Marshall who was a line tech 
On behalf of the Union we extend our condolences to their family and friends.

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for your solidarity and We Are Union Strong.

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