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  • Tape Release 9/15/23

    Tape Release 9/15/23

    Membership Updates:

    Our brothers and sisters of the UAW have taken a strike against the big three automakers.  At this point the strike is limited to three plants, one from each maker.  As it has been reported, the automakers have made $250 Billion dollars over the last 10 years and the workers’ wages and benefits have declined by 30%.  The UAW is looking to address wages, multiple tiers of wages for same work, and future work. UAW Local 1097 which resides on Lexington Ave. is not one of the plants asked to walk out yet.  When they do, you’ll get the call to help out on their picket lines, which are 24-7.  Once again Unions standing up to corporate greed.

    Monday is last call for Members and Retirees to get your tickets for our annual Clambake to be held on Sunday September 24th.  If you haven’t been before, it’s a great time, great food and great value for the price.

    The Union will be looking to hold a general membership meeting in October, on the agenda will be nomination for Local Officers, proposed changes to Bylaws, upcoming bargaining and good and welfare.

    This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape and have a safe weekend everyone.

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