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  • Tape Release 9/1/22

    Membership Updates:

    A reminder Monday is a Union Activity Day for all members.  Your Union is Marching in the City of Rochester Annual Labor Day Parade.  We are setting up at our usual location on Meigs St. between Park and East Ave. between 10am and 11am, parade to start shortly after.  We have discounted tickets for Seabreeze, they’ll be available at the parade.  We’re asking all to join us including retirees and wear Red.  Ask yourself, how has the Union helped you this year? Raises, Retroactivity, Bonuses, Grievance settlements, severance payments, retiree health insurance benefits.  All the calls into the office to have us check on your disability, payroll issues and many others. The Union doesn’t ask for much, we are asking you to give us 2-3 hours on Labor Day to celebrate workers throughout this community.  We hope to see you there.

    Issues dealt with this week:  We’ve sent a Cease and Desist letter along with a grievance on the movement of Time Reporting duties.  We’ve reached out to various levels of management on the substandard, unsafe work that contractors are doing on our fiber builds.  We’re working with management to allocate marketing dollars here to build our business to name just a few.

    It’s hard to believe September 1st is already on us, have a safe and happy weekend.

    This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape, the place where we’re Union and Proud of it.

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