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  • Tape Release 4/8/22

    Tape Release 4/8/22

    Membership updates:

    In discussions with the company this week, the Company has identified the 10 positions to poll for in regards to the construction jobs negotiated in the recent CBA.  Instead of filling 5 positions by June 30th and the other 5 by December 31st, the company is looking to fill in one polling.  A polling will begin for show of interest for 7 Cable Splicers and 3 Lineman next week.  The polling will first consist of all Sales and Service techs and if the positions remain unfilled any other titles who have qualified candidates.  I’ll put more information on the tape next week.

    Also, the remaining payment on the bonus will be paid in the coming weeks.  Members can expect anywhere from $150 to $203 based on your job title to be included in your paycheck. This was due to the bonus being calculated on the 2019 pay rates and not the recently negotiated ones.

    We are still working on many other issues, including Scheduling Fiber Splicing classes, Unanswered grievances,  contract work violations, and hourly pay rates.

    Finally, I’m saddened to announce the passing of Retiree Kevin Perkowski.  Kevin retired in 2011 with 16 years of service as a Sales and Service technician.  On behalf of the Union I want to extend our sympathies to Kevin’s family and friends.

    This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for your Solidarity and We Are CWA Strong.

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