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  • Tape Release 4/14/22

    Tape Release 4/14/22

    Membership updates:

    As of today the Company hasn’t provided the Union with any dates that members will need to commit to the severance by and the last day of work. However we anticipate it to be over the next couple of weeks.  The Company is still committing to have an email to members in the surplus titles by Friday. Hopefully they don’t wait until Friday after work to send it as that would just be totally unprofessional.

    Today an email will be sent to all Sales and Service techs for a show of interest in the Construction jobs.  The Company has declared openings for 7 Splicers and 3 Lineman.  The email is being sent to your work email address and will include all information concerning the show of interest.  The locations haven’t been determined yet and will be forthcoming.  If the Company doesn’t get enough Lineman takers, they’ll fill those spots with splicers.

    The Company has made the CWA Local 1170 retirement contributions on the retroactivity this month and you’ll see that amount in your account.  In other items it is highly unexplainable that the Company still hasn’t fixed some incorrect hourly rates and the make up on the bonus payouts.

    Finally we had a big victory in Albany with the State budget as CWA proposals in regards to the 1.6 Billion in Broadband funds will include the following:

    Labor Standards – Companies who receive the funds have to have high workplace standards and a skilled workforce.

    Fiber Preference – The monies will go to networks that are capable of 1 gigabyte speeds.

    Pre-qualification – Companies have to prove they’re competent to do the job.

    Prevailing wage – Companies have to pay NYS prevailing wages.

    Thank you to all members who sent emails to the Governor’s office to make this possible and especially Demiah Smith and Chris Bold who worked the membership to take action.

    This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape, And We Are CWA STRONG.

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