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  • Tape Release 12/5/23

    Tape Release Tuesday, December 5th, 2023
    Membership Updates:
    15 Frontier members have received a letter in error from Excellus stating that you owe a reimbursement due to overpaid EME claim.  Please disregard as the administrator has made an error improperly notifying you that a recoupment was being processed.  Rudi Karukas from Frontier will be reaching out to those involved to explain and advise.
    Frontier members and retirees who have benefits in the frozen pension plan are receiving a
    mailing from Milliman which includes a Summary Plan Description.  The SPD is a summary document attempting to put the benefits and eligibility in understandable terms. I don’t know if they accomplished that.  The plan was frozen 12/31/96 and only those who were hired prior to 12/31/95 have benefits.  There have been no changes to the amount or eligibility to this benefit.  Any questions please call the office.
    Thank you to the 12 members who volunteered a couple of hours of their time on Saturday to move all our records and contents from our storage unit at Uhaul to our new location.  We will save a couple hundred dollars per month because of your help.
    This Thursday we have over 100 retirees signed up for our annual Christmas luncheon.  Can’t wait to see everyone!
    This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape. Have a safe day everyone.

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