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  • Tape Release 12/15/23

    Tape Release Friday, December 15th, 2023

    Membership updates:

    The final Frontier raise of this CBA was effective December 10th and should be administered with your paycheck this upcoming Thursday.  The 1% raise takes top pay for Table 1 to $43.312/hr and $1,732.48 per week.  All wage tables and rates have been posted to the member section of the Union Website.

    Today is the cutoff date for leads and sales for the Take The Lead Bonus.  I’ve requested the annual report but haven’t received it yet from Frontier.  Once verified the members will be notified next week if there is any payout.

    This week your fellow members Rich Winter, Sue Phillips, Chris Cordes, Jarounda Gamble, Michelle Damiani, and Jen Wallace traveled to Connecticut to participate in a one-day training with 25 members of Local 1298.  We hope to bring their training program here to Rochester, calling our members off the job to inform them on issues important to their jobs, Frontier, and the industry.  Other activities:  The Local is working on implementing a software app whereby we could text message all of our members with important updates.  We hope to have this implemented in January.  We will be reaching out to individual members to gain your consent to text you.  You can expect to receive an email in early January asking you to fill out a bargaining survey for upcoming Frontier negotiations as well as receive notice on a January membership meeting.

    Retirees:  Please disregard the email from Frontier saying they’re discontinuing your phone and internet plan.  This is a marketing ploy to have you call in and review your account for possible upselling of other products.  They’re not discontinuing your current discounts of service otherwise.

    This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape and have a safe weekend everyone.

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