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  • NAFTA Negotiations on Track but Not Done

    NAFTA Negotiations on Track but Not Done August 27, 2018 Joint statement from five labor leaders on the latest North American Free Trade Agreement…

    August 28, 2018  |  More

    Thank You Golf Sponsors!

    CWA Local 1170 would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support of our Annual Tom Luciano Memorial Golf Tournament and Scholarship Fund….

    August 22, 2018  |  More

    2018 Flavin Scholarship Winners

    2018 Flavin Scholarship Winners Burley, Alexander – Son of Frontier Member Jim Burley Burley, Jessica – Granddaughter of Rochester Tel Retiree Don Smith Burley,…

    August 10, 2018  |  More

    Member Acknowledgements & Annoucements

    Member Acknowledgements & Annoucements

    At CWA Local 1170, we appreciate our members and are proud to highlight their accomplishments. John Pusloskie, President, shares recent member acknowledgements and upcoming…

    August 6, 2018  |  More

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