Tape Release June 8, 2018

Tape Release Friday June 8, 2018

The Union and the Company have been working towards a settlement of the grievance and Unfair Labor charge concerning call out administration for Sales and Service techs and Network techs assigned to Carrier.  Union representatives will be notified once we have a signed agreement.

Your Union has been hard at work trying to secure Co sponsors for the NYS Call Center Bill.  The bills intent is to protect the 261,510 call center workers in NYS.  We have commitments from State Senators Joe Robach and Pam Helming, still waiting for Rich Funke to get on the rights side of protecting American Workers.  Please call NYS Senator Joe Griffo at 1-855-980-2302 and tell him we need him to move this bill out of committee now.

A reminder for all retirees, the annual Ray Kanis picnic is this Wednesday June 13th at noon, at Harris Whelan Park in Penfield across from Wegmans on Rt 441.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape.  When workers win we all win.

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