Tape Release 9/2/21

A reminder for all members that Monday, September 6th is an official Union Activity Day.  As authorized by the members, no overtime unless dispensation is granted by a Union Officer.

A request to all members to respond to Frontier’s Dumb Policy email.  Every member who drives a vehicle or not should respond that cameras on the vehicle is a dumb policy.  Each one of you has tens of thousands of hours driving experience, time, effort and money would be better spent on a marketing, sales and business development so we can compete for new customers.  If you care about your job, you’ll send the email, the camera may not be on your vehicle today but certainly will be if the Company moves forward after the trial.  

Bargaining update:  We have learned that the Company reached tentative agreements with Workers United and two IBEW Locals in NYS.  The agreements were for three years and the Company took a hard line on the elimination of Retiree health insurance subsidies.  Now is the time for members to step up.  Our contract expires on October 16th, the same time as our Brothers and Sisters in Connecticut.  They’ve sat down with the Company and it didn’t sound like things went well.  So far we have no dates but expect full scale bargaining until we hear otherwise.  What you can do is step up to be a mobilizer, support your committees, and wear red on Thursdays.  As I’ve said, our objectives are clear, secure work for our members, we should be the ones building out the network, not out of state sub standard contractors, fair raises and keep our benefits.  We know how to fight, be prepared to fight for your job.

The clambake is Sunday, September 19th.  Tickets can be reserved at the Union Hall.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape.  AND WE ARE CWA STRONG.

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