Tape Release 6/5/2020

To all members, scheduled protests are to take place in the Rochester Downtown are today beginning around 1pm.  No different than over this past weekend, please avoid the area during this time.  If you’re dispatched in the area, please contact your supervisor and turn back the job.  For everyone’s safety we hope that the protests remain peaceful during these tense times.

Contract Update:  We have no news to report in regards to an extension at this time.  Talks have been held at leadership levels of CWA District 1 with Dennis Trainor and Frontier in regards to extending the current agreement which expires on Saturday, June 13th, providing either party 90 days notice that we want the Contract to end and negotiate new terms and conditions.  There is the misconception that a raise is going into effect, any raises have to be negotiated with a new agreement.

The Local was busy this week dealing with the fallout of last weekend’s events, as the CVS store below us was looted and had to be shutdown for most of the week, and the Union Hall was broken into, fortunately nothing was disrupted in our office.

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape.  And stay safe and strong!

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