Tape Release 6/30/22

Membership Updates:
The following members’ last day of work is today, as they’ve volunteered to leave as a result of the declared surplus this month. They’re the following;
Lyndon Phillips Cable Splicer 35 years
Rick Sanchez Cable Splicer 35 years
Larry Stewart Cable Splicer 27 years
Rob Roll Desk Tech 34 years
Todd Clifford Sales and Service 35 years
Paul Schmitt Sales and Service 26 years
I want to thank each one of them for their years of membership and service to this Union. In particular Rick Sanchez served the Membership in many roles during his career including Steward, Chief Steward, and Vice President as well as serving as a delegate to the Rochester Labor Council and Political Action volunteer. He served with a tenacity and passion that’ll be missed. I want to wish each one of them well in retirement.
As a result of volunteers agreed upon, transfers will be taking place. The Company, as of today, hasn’t confirmed the dates..
This is your President John Pusloskie wishing you a Happy and Safe Fourth of July.

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