Tape Release 4/14/2020

Membership updates:
It is widely expected that there will be an announcement either today or tomorrow that Frontier will declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The company has been working towards this for some time and the Union has been planning for this as well.  

The National Union has retained an experienced law firm to represent all CWA Members and will petition the bankruptcy court proceeding to be a creditor that must be dealt with.  

From your National officers to your Local reps we will vigorously defend the rights and interest of our members and retirees.

For now we expect to proceed like it’s business as usual as far as operations are concerned.  All retirees have been mailed and active members emailed information about bankruptcy, regarding terms and possibilities, this information has also been posted to our website.

The Local will continue to prepare for bargaining, as the company still has an obligation to do so.  

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape. And we are CWA strong.

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