Tape Release 3/16/22

Membership updates:

The negotiated wage increases and retroactivity payments will be in tomorrow’s paychecks.  We are aware of issues such as incorrect hourly rates being administered and will investigate each one to make sure corrections are made if necessary.  Please make sure to review your paystub carefully, if you have any concerns, please contact us at the Union Hall.

The Local will be doing a mobilization outreach to all members over the next 5 days.  As part of the New York State Budget there is going to be hundreds of millions of dollars available for broadband build out that will have local municipality input.  The competition for these dollars will be intense and your Union will be working for Frontier, Verizon, and other Union Local service providers to secure these funds to remain competitive.  A key component is the work has to be done with direct local labor.  Every member has a stake in this right now.  District one Vice President Dennis Trainor will be holding a Town Hall meeting on Thursday March 24th 7pm to 8 pm with telecom CWA members across the state to speak to the initiative and CWA’s plan of action.  We will get information out very soon with how to register. 

Representatives from your Union met today with Local managers and Director of operations Larry Washbon to discuss ways to capitalize on the local Fiber buildout here in Rochester.  It is obvious that we’d be in a better position if the work was done with Union Labor.  

This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for your solidarity and We Are UNION STRONG!

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