Tape Release 3/10/2021

As most of you may have discovered by now, the CWA Local 1170 bonus for our Frontier members is being paid out tomorrow in a separate check.  We will be receiving the minimum 4.5% payout, that is guaranteed by the contract.  In another year of doing more with less, we appreciate the efforts of everyone and recognize the value of a Union contract and collective bargaining that makes a payout like this possible.

New York State has announced that effective immediately, anyone over the age of 60, no matter what occupation, is eligible to sign up and get the Covid-19 vaccination.  As the Company has announced and the Union has agreed with, the Company will pay you for up to four hours for the time to travel and receive your vaccination. 

For those members who are working from home, the Company has put out a communication for all non-union employees who the work from home arrangement is being extended until June 30th.  For all 1170 represented employees, the Work Home Agreement with the Company will remain in place as long as the social distancing requirements remain in place.  Each state will have different timeframes due to the different restrictions in place.  

This is your President thanking you for calling your Union tape, And We are CWA STRONG.


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