Tape Release 12/9/22

Membership updates:

The Union is aware that the Company has moved forward with installation of the GPS devices and discovered through our information request that the Company’s intent is to install them on all Company vehicles except for the Line trucks.  It is disappointing that this Company continues disregard proper protocols as we sent a cease and desist and demand to bargain over the effects on working conditions.  The Company has committed that there will be no use of the information until bargaining is complete.  As of this morning we have no bargaining dates from the Company.

Four more technicians are scheduled to move to Cable Splicing before the end of the year and the negotiated raise of 1.5% is going into effect on this Sunday, December 11th for every member of the bargaining unit.

The retirees have scheduled their annual retiree Christmas Luncheon for today and have more than 120 people signed up for it.  The best turn out since covid hit.

And lastly we are the owners of a new building at 4061 W. Henrietta Rd. where we intend to move the Union Hall over the next 90 days.  We’re very excited about this move, but a little sentimental as well, as we’ve been at the Lake Ave. location since way before I was involved, which has been 30 years.

This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape and We are Union Proud.

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