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  • Tape Release 9/9/2020

    The Union would like to recognize and thank the following members who retired recently.

    Network Switch tech James Burley retires with over 33 years of service.  Jim has been battling a very serious illness for some time and was working out of Rural East as a Switch tech.

    Network Switch tech Jody Pierce’s last day of work is today.  Jody has worked in many job titles in her 42 year career most recently as a Metro Switch tech.

    I want to thank both Jim and Jody for their many years of membership to this Union and we wish them the best and healthy recoveries.

    The Local received information that the Largest CWA Locals in Frontier based out of California reached a 1 year extension, as their contract was set to expire on midnight this past Saturday, September 5th.  The extension covers every provision of their contract, there was no general wage increase included in the extension.  As it looks, the upcoming negotiations for 2021 will include West Virginia in August, California in September, and Connecticut in October.  We will be watching events closely.

    I have been notified today that the Company’s former administrator, Morgan Stanley of the share builder plan, has had a data breach.  The share builder plan stopped in 2007 but employees were allowed to keep their accounts at Morgan Stanley.  If you were part of this program, you’ll be receiving a notice which states there is a free service to use for credit monitoring and fraud protection.

    This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape, And WE ARE CWA STRONG.

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