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  • Tape Release 7/8/21

    Membership Updates:

    This past July 4th weekend the Company considered forcing technicians to work the major holiday on Monday, July 5th.  As a result of discussions with Director of Operations Larry Washbon, we were able to avoid that scenario, as the decision was made to work all volunteers for overtime on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Thanks to those technicians who stepped up to work, as weekend plans for junior technicians would’ve been surely disrupted.

    We have received notification that the CWA Unions in West Virginia reached an agreement to extend their contracts for two years as their current working agreement was set to expire on August 8th.  The Local intention is to bargain with the Company on a new agreement.  We have issues here that need to be addressed, which include contracting, wages and other matters.  It is anticipated that negotiations will occur after Labor Day.  We now work for a new Company, what will their agenda be?  Covid, the competition and technology have certainly changed the business dynamics over the last 18 months.  Your bargaining committee will be prepared for the challenge. More information will follow.

    Special upcoming events:

    Retirees:  July 20th annual picnic
    Roberts Cabin – Henrietta Town Park, RSVP to the Union Hall no later than July 14th

    All Members and Retirees in good standing:
    Annual Clambake:
    September 19th, Chili Legion Hall
    Call the office for more information

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