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  • Tape Release 5/1/23

    Tape Release 5/1/23

    Tape Release Monday, May 1st, 2023

    Today is a Holiday across the world for workers to commemorate our struggles and gains.  Here in the United States it is hardly mentioned, while in France massive protests take place over the age change in their National pension.  We should all remember what we’ve won in our careers but it hasn’t come without sacrifice and the setting of strike dates in our 2015 and 2022 negotiations.  As long as Wall St. exists, the threat to our wages and benefits will always exist.

    Frontier – This week we continue to work on the Bonus that was paid out in March and continue to pursue payments for our retirees from last year who haven’t been paid yet.  We’ve also been notified by retirees over the last several weeks that Frontier has taken the position if you switch to their Fiber product for voice and internet, you lose your bargained retirement benefits.  This is complete horseshit and will be addressed.

    I’ve been advised that three of the six sales and service techs have been hired and scheduled to go through training next week.

    Please keep up the good fight.  This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape and stay safe everyone.

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