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  • Tape Release 4/29/24

    Tape Release 4/29/24

    Tape Release Monday April 29th, 2024

    Membership and retiree updates:

    Your CWA Retirement Plan is being terminated as of this week.  All active participants submitted forms on time with about 20 separated participants still lingering.  A final contribution for the month of April for active employees will be submitted by Frontier in the next couple of days, once the Burke Group has done the record keeping and credited everyones account the distribution forms will be ready for processing.  For all those who selected to rollover funds into Frontiers 401K the checks will be batched and mailed to the Union Hall.  Once everything is in good order they will be batched and mailed to  Fidelitys processing center along with your completed forms.  For those who selected a traditional IRA rollover or cash distribution, it is anticipated that the checks will be cut somewhere around May 15th and mailed directly to you at your address on record.

    For active employees I’m waiting on confirmation from the Company as to the date the 8% contributions will be deposited weekly into your 401K accounts.  The Company is in the middle of a payroll conversion and a hard date on the beginning of these deposits wasn’t confirmed.  No matter the date all monies due will be deposited as well as fees that the Company has agreed for the check processing and some other miscellaneous items.

    As more information becomes available it will be relayed to you.

    Bargaining is set to begin next Monday May 6th, t-shirts have been ordered, they’ll be distributed once received likely in a couple of weeks.  Bargaining updates will be posted and emailed to everyone.

    Finally, I’d like to recognize the following members who retired this month.

    Sales and Service techs Steve Haefner and Tim Peffley both retire with over 33 years of service
    Building and Power tech Dan Cotter retires with over 27 years and
    Network Tech Tom Gier retires with over 30 years of service

    On behalf of the Union I want to congratulate each of them on a long productive career and thank them for their membership to the Union.  Best wishes on a long healthy retirement.

    This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape and be safe everyone.

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