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  • Tape Release 2/14/24

    Tape Release 2/14/24

    Membership Updates:

    This week the Union has been working on the following items with the Frontier.

    2023 Team performance Bonus:

    As we know it today, We have the following information.

    • The Bonus will be payable on Monday March 11th;
    • Employees must be on the payroll on the date of payout and hired by July 1st of prior year to get paid;
    • 2023 Retirees are eligible for a prorated bonus;
    • Employees who left or retired under a Voluntary Severance offering are eligible for a prorated bonus;
    • Employees who worked at least one month in the bonus year and were on disability are eligible for full bonus payout;
    • Employees who were terminated due to a disability and worked one month in the year are eligible for a prorated bonus.

    Employees have the right to defer the bonus into Frontier’s 401K, everyone has been emailed instruction on how to do this.

    Vacation Payouts due to Disability:

    If you were unable to take all of your 2023 vacation due to disability, you’re eligible for a payout of unused vacation.  We have been working with the Company for several weeks on finalizing the list and payments should be made soon.  Payments were not made in this week’s paychecks.

    2022-2024 Contract:

    We’re in the final proofing stages and hope to get the contract to printer soon, so everyone can get a book.

    CWA Local 1170 Retirement termination:

    The Trustees are still working on dates and timing of communications.  Updates will soon follow.

    This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape and be safe everyone.


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