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  • Tape Release #2 3/10/2021

    Well the good news is the bonus is going to be paid out tomorrow to our members at Frontier. The bad news is, members are already calling in questioning how much they received. The Bonus is supposed to be paid out at top rate of your job classification. Example for Table 1 classifications, top pay is $1,553.39 per week, $80,776.28 per year. We received the minimum payout of 4.5%, so payout should be $3,634.94, some who get a differential will receive a little more. If you think you received the wrong amount please call into the office tomorrow, so we can address it with the Company.
    Also, if anyone or a family member is interested, Monroe County is offering Class B CDL drivers license program at a substantially reduced cost. Usually the program is $1,800.00, the cost will be $350.00 for the registration fee.
    This is your President John Pusloskie, thanking you for calling your Union tape.

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