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  • Tape Release 1/3/23

    Membership updates:

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone and their family members start out the new year Healthy.

    The Company has fulfilled the MOA in regard to the 10 construction jobs by transferring four Sales and Service techs to Cable Splicing.  The following techs accepted the transfer by seniority:

    Scott Kidd, Steve Bugbee, Todd Kaufman, and Mike Sutphen.  They’ll be reporting to W. Henrietta Rd.  Fiber Splicing training will be administered this month to comply with the MOA on training.  Notifications of those receiving the training should be done shortly.

    The Local is planning for a membership meeting by the end of the month to present the Finance Committee’s budget and provide updates on all business.  With the membership currently at 223 for Frontier, the intent is to reconvene the Bylaw committee.  The Rochester Telephone membership was over two thousand when the executive board was structured originally, we now have more executive board positions with 223 members than the original makeup.  It is time to take a look at what is the best functioning structure for the current makeup of the Union.  We’ll begin that process shortly.

    Also, we’re currently in the process of making modifications to the newly purchased property at 4061 W. Henrietta Rd. with a planned move targeting March 1st.  Much work needs to be done between now and then.

    And finally I’m saddened to announce the passing of Retiree Curtis Walker.  Curt passed on December 27th at the age of 84.  Curt retired in 1995 with 30 years of service and was an Installer Repairman at the time of his retirement.  Calling hours were Monday, January 2nd and a service was held today.  On behalf of the Union, I want to express our condolences to Curt’s family and friends.

    This is your President John Pusloskie thanking you for calling your Union tape.  The place where we’re Union and proud of it.

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