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    Regional Rally in Support of UAW Strike! (Note new location!)

    As the UAW Strike enters its third week, we have already seem the power of the strike. General Motors conceded and gave all striking workers their health care back. GM workers in Mexico and South Korea have taken action in solidarity with their American coworkers.

    GM is feeling the pressure as millions of dollars per day are lost. Let’s keep it on.

    This Wednesday we will be joined by the Central New York Area Labor Federation! Let’s show them how Rochester does it!

    WHAT: Rally in Support of Striking UAW Workers
    WHERE: General Motors Plant, on Driving Park near Mt. Read Blvd. (note new location)
    WHEN: Wednesday, October 2nd, 6pm
    Share the event and invite friends on facebook! Please send this event over your union’s social media accounts!

    Parking is available at:

    • Federation of Social Workers, 740 Driving Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14613
    • UA Local 13, 1850 Mt Read Blvd North Srv Rd, Rochester, NY 14615


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