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    Filing for Medicare part “B” if you deferred at age 65

    If you have deferred Medicare Part B due to being covered under a Frontier Medical Plan and would like to sign up now, you must complete the two forms included in this letter. Hopefully you and your spouse signed up for Medicare at age 65. If not you will be penalized for not signing up at that time. To avoid being penalized you must prove that you had health insurance from age 65 until you apply for Part B coverage. 

    These steps work if you go to the Social Security Office in person and talk to a representative.

    To enroll in Part B you need to fill out two forms. CMS-40B “Application for Enrollment” and CMS- L564/R297 “Request for Employment Information”. The second form you fill out the top and a Frontier HR is to fill out the lower portion.

    Understanding there is no HR Representative to fill out the form, do the following. You call Anthem and ask for a letter stating you had coverage from the date you signed up for Medicare until now/date of your retirement. They will send an email that you need to print out to present to the agent you meet with. The letter is called “Certificate of Group health Plan Coverage”. Anthem’s number is on the back of your ID card (866-236-4368).

    While at the SS office, the agent will call Frontier at 877-721-7732 (the number is located on your pay stub). They will to follow the prompts to obtain your employee status/records need to complete the process. The alternative to the call is to present your W-2 forms for all previous years involved and every pay stub from January first until present date to prove you were paying for health care current to this date.



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