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  • Beneficiary Forms Needed!!!

    Frontier Employees, If you are on the list below, please fill out the attached Beneficiary Form for your CWA Retirement Plan and return to…

    December 19, 2019  |  More

    Passing of Andy Wilkerson

    On behalf of the Union, I want to extend our condolences to the family of Andy Wilkerson.  Andy retired in the early 90’s with…

    December 17, 2019  |  More

    In Memoriam 2019

    In Memoriam of the following CWA Local 1170 Members/Retirees who have passed away in 2019: 1/3/2019  Ken Csont 1/15/2019 Paul Saracen 2/1/2019  Don Davis…

      |  More

    Annual Retiree Christmas Lunch

    The annual Retiree Christmas Lunch held on December 11th was a great time.  We hope all who attended enjoyed the event. Photos from the…

    December 13, 2019  |  More

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