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Tape Release 2/3/17
Posted On: Feb 08, 2017

Tape Release February 3, 2017

A membership meeting has been called for Wednesday February 8, 2017.  Times and location have been posted on our website, facebook and emailed out.  They are the following

Time                           Location

8:15am                       Union Hall     

10:00 am                   Union Hall

2:00pm                      Union Hall

5:30 PM                     Ricks Prime Rib

This is an official Union activity day for the membership.

The Trustees of the CWA Local 1170 Retirement plan met this week and have authorized changes to the fund lineups that are currently offered.  A separate notification will be mailed shortly to all members and membership meeting will be held in the near future to cover the changes.

As was anticipated after the results of the Last National Elections.  The Republicans in the US House of Representatives have introduced National right to Work legislation.  As Martin Luther King stated a half century ago, don’t be fooled by this False slogan, “it’s a law to rob of us of our civil rights and job rights.”  Its purpose is to destroy labor Unions and the freedom of collective bargaining.  This legislation is meant to weaken Unions and the workers of this country, the ultimate effect is to lower your wages.  In addition were likely to get with the new Supreme court justice a decision for National right to work in the Public sector as well.  Nothing but smooth sailing ahead.

Finally our brothers and sisters contract at ATT mobility expires at midnight on February 11th.  Twenty thousand members are covered by this contract, 65 by 1170 here locally. We will be mobilizing to support them on the 11th as they prepare for a strike.  ATT which makes more than 1 Billion dollars a month is demanding costly health care shifting, reduction in sick time amongst others.

This is your President John Pusloskie Thanking you for calling your Union Tape, the place where were Union and Proud of it.

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